Sam Cut And Weld Engineers

Welding Machine

We provide high quality Welding Machines which will cater to your every welding need. With our experience, we understand the true requirements of the industry and make sure that each of our products fulfils that need. The Welding Machine we supply is guaranteed to be of high quality and is compliant with the common safety standards. We provide two types of Welding Machines, spot welding machines and stud welding machines.

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Spot Welding Machine

High precision Spot Welding Machines are supplied by us and we ensure that they provide superior performance at their prescribed voltage and current ratings. Spot welders are commonly used in the industrial environment to complete welding jobs that require great precision and our products are quality assured to perform at


Stud Welding Machine

A Stud Welding Machine consists of the actual machine and a single phase supply, a welding gun, a grounding mechanism, and the mother material. Our stud welding machines are used widely wherever stud welding requirements are. The body of our product is light weight and has a high welding range. The product also only requires